Sunday Afternoon, October 11, 2009 The Achy Birds

Liz and Brianna Playing
Liz and Brianna Playing

Liz Stahler and Brianna Lane met as many songwriters do, over a micro-brew and a cheeseburger at a club in some American city, guitars by their sides, calloused fingers and sore voices. After bonding over tour-stories and a love for songwriting these two decided to join forces for a Boston to Austin Tour celebrating their new releases. Now they are out on the road again, touring in the western US.

Brianna Lane is a sweet-voiced alterna-folkie who grew up in Minnesota, once found a home in the mountains of North Carolina, but who is truly a restless old soul. You can blame her sweetness on her roots but she has been on the road non-stop for several years so you can hear her experiences in every note she sings. “Lane’s songs are beautiful and cathartic, almost telling us that it’s OK to feel down, but not to let it get us down at the same time.” (Mish-Mash Reviews)

Liz Stahler is raw, real and undeniably talented. Her voice is mesmerizing, and truly unique. Her songs are memorable and beautifully crafted. Stahler was one of 6 winners in the John Lennon Songwriting Scholarship contest for her song “Not That Easy” which has since appeared on network TV.

Suggested artist donation $15

NOTE: This is an afternoon show!!!!
Music starts at 3:00 p.m. Socializing from 2:00 p.m.

Light refreshments provided, BYO wine and/or potluck refreshments to share are welcome.

For more information, please contact Lee at 575-522-5197 or by e-mail at houseconcerts (at)

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