Saturday, May 25, 2013: Hungrytown

Hungrytown Picnic

Hungrytown is the band name of celebrated musical duo Rebecca Hall and Ken Anderson. Their deceptively simple compositions are rooted firmly in folk tradition. Listen closely to Rebecca’s finely crafted lyrics, painting pictures and telling stories. Hear beautiful singing and playing and harmonies from a musically gifted duo. And spend time with two of the nicest people we know.

“Hungrytown make folk music of astonishing delicacy and purity. If Rebecca is the nightingale, singing with a voice of captivating beauty, then Ken’s arrangements are a lacework of branches, a frame of natural beauty in itself. Contemporary American folk music is full of people trying to evoke times gone by and there seem to be almost as many ways of doing this as there are old-timey acts. Hungrytown have a distinctive slant on this whole idea and I think the quiet beauty of their music almost sounds like a prayer for calm in a febrile world.” – John Davy – Flyinshoes Review (UK)

“I love the sound of Rebecca Hall’s voice. There’s a sweetness and a worldly wisdom, in perfect balance.” – Roger McGuinn

“When not performing, this duo is known as Rebecca Hall and Ken Anderson and you will need to go a long way to find a more talented and likeable couple. Their music mixes the snow of their home in Vermont, the dew on the grass of a cool summer morning in the Appalachians, the hard-scrabble grittiness and pluck of common folk the world over together with the melancholy of lost loves, broken hearts, and shattered dreams, distilling it into an intoxicating, hauntingly seductive blend that you always want more of. Ken and Rebecca’s multi-instrumental artistry’s range and depth is impressive, running from a shy lover’s soft, gentle caress to a hardened, bitter fist shaking against an evil fate, to a wry, ironic, self-mocking sense of humor. Their voices, each a thing of wonder in its own right, when combined completely bowl you over and by turn lift you to dizzy heights of joy and dash you to aching sadness. If you enjoy folk music with substance and style, your appetite for Hungrytown will never be satisfied.” – Mark Pendleton – Las Cruces, NM Sun News

Please join us for an evening of music and fellowship with Hungrytown. With food for the body (potluck) and soul (music and friends), you’ll be happy you visited Hungrytown.

Potluck and Socializing at 6:30 p.m. Music at 7:30 p.m. Please bring a dish and wine or other beverage to share.

For information and an invitation, please contact Lee by e-mail or at 773-334-5776.

Suggested artist donation $20
(All funds go to the musicians.)

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