David G. Smith, Sunday, November 13, 2016

David G. Smith with guitar

Music at 3:00 p.m.
Socializing and light potluck at 2:00 p.m.
$15-20 suggested artist donation*

For an invitation to attend, please contact Lee
by email at windycityhouseconcerts@gmail.com
or at 312-810-3067

David G. Smith was raised in a musical family in the hills of northeastern Iowa. He started writing songs and played in a variety of bands, locally and then touring the Rockies for 10 years. He moved to Nashville to follow his passion for songwriting. His song catalog began to explode, but at a price.

“I started losing my soul writing material that didn’t speak to me in the name of writing songs for others to sing. It was an insidious process and eventually the muse was not showing up and I didn’t know why. “

He ventured on a song-writing retreat to Costa Rica with Americana all-stars Darrell Scott, Beth Nielsen Chapman, and Mary Gauthier. He recalls both Darrell and Mary looking him straight in the eye and challenging him to stop writing songs to pitch to others. Their advice: To stop chasing the Nashville music scene and start performing his own songs. But their real challenge cut to the bone: Write the truth!

He took their advice and five albums later, he’s following his own path, touring nationally, winning song writing competitions and taking his story songs to audiences around the country.

[Smith] “comes across with the same sort of weathered resolve that best exemplifies fellow travelers like Kris Kristofferson and Townes Van Zandt.” -Lee Zimmerman/No Depression

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* All funds go to the musician

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