Escaping Pavement, Sunday, December 3, 2017

Escaping Pavement

Music at 4:00 p.m.
Socializing and light potluck at 3:00 p.m.
$20 suggested artist donation*

For an invitation to attend, please contact Lee
by email at
or at 312-810-3067

Free child care provided (advance notice required)

Fresh from their fine Official Showcase at FARM (Folk Alliance Region Midwest), Escaping Pavement
brings their lively and exciting show to Windy City House Concerts!

Hailed as “One of the most dynamic Americana groups out of Detroit, Michigan” Escaping Pavement masterfully blends and blurs the lines of Bluegrass, Folk, and Americana. Their unique joint front person arrangement, with Emily Burns and Aaron Markovitz sharing equally in singing, songwriting, and guitar playing allow for astounding, harmony-driven, musical interplay. With over 500 shows under their belt, a new EP composed of music inspired by the National Parks, and a non-stop touring schedule, this Detroit-Music-Award-winning duo is ready to spread their roots-based message, far and wide.

From Detroit to Pasadena, to the high seas and then back to Detroit; it’s only when the Detroit-Music-Award-winning duo escaped the neon blitz and car-strewn concrete of the city that they discovered how well their music could bloom when they brought it back to the roots. There is so much life and vitality in the Americana-folk journeys of Escaping Pavement, sprung entirely from acoustic guitars, a mandolin, a ukulele, and two voices. With fiery passion, wistful reflection, awestruck adventurousness, and heartstring-plucking poignancy, the duo takes listeners through the range of human emotion and celebrates the purities of what we’ve left behind for the artifices of tech trends, drug stores and cacophonous city centers.

This Ferndale (MI) based duo is one to watch. The minimalist pair (Emily Burns & Aaron Markovitz) demonstrate a superb sense for harmony between their vocals and their strums on the mandolin and baritone guitar. It’s bluegrass-Americana revivalism that warms the heart. – Detroit Free Press – Jeff Milo

Dual gender vocals that embrace Americana, country and roots rock feelings, with banjo fills and a semblance of twang Uprooted surprisingly steers more toward a folk spirit than anything else. Rustic and graceful, there’s still plenty of playfulness with blues ideas, as these old souls in young bodies pen warm, sincere songs that digest so easily. – InForty Music Blog

Sometimes, there is amazing music right in your own back yard, and you don’t even know about it. Such was the case with Escaping Pavement. Straddling many SeMiBluegrass genres, this vocal/instrumental duo has garnered not only local, but regional and national attention with their hard-driving, vocal-driven approach to acoustic music as exemplified by their superb new album, “The Night Owl”. There’s a LOT of bluegrass in this duo…from the fiddle-tune laced mandolin licks of Aaron Markovitz or the driving, pounding rhythm guitar work of Emily Burns–she even rips off a killer flatpick solo at the end of “Leave the Light On” that is one Lester Flatt G-Run short of bluegrass perfection! But this band has so much more to offer. Sandwiched in between the first and last songs on the album (which are acoustic/electric guitar-driven American numbers) are eight mandolin/guitar pieces that will blow you mind. – SeMiBluegrass Blog

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* All funds go to the musicians

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